Beach Life 


                        Beach is the best place to spend lazy summer days - swimming, sunbathing and just day dreaming... That's what you

                        could think, but having a fussing pack of wet Springers fooling around you gets you back in the reality :-) In the end of

                        the day I was as muddy as the dogs, but at least we all had a good time!


                                           Moses, Irene and the Baywatch Pamela =)                                                    Having them all sitting in order was a challenge - from left                                                                                                                                       to right Moses, Romi, Irene and Pamela


                                                         Irene, Moses and Pam                                                                       Poor Irene doesn't know how to jump into the water like                                                                                                                                             the others... Well, this is her first time in the lake


  Moses and his performance - a HIGH jump to see where the dummy goes, and then flying towards it... After that the big-bang to the water (Pamela at this pic)



                                            Pamela and Moses                                                                  The ladies on the beach - Irene and Pamela



           ... And after the job well done they bring the dummy for another competition                                                        Moses in the air :-)                                  called "who will get it"                   

Glamorly English Springer Spaniels

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