Winter Fun on Ice


There was a wonderful weather during the last weekend of January 2009 to spend out-of-doors. I enjoyed every

minute of it, as I won't be visiting Karikonkyla for a long time now because of Pamela's upcoming litter. The dogs

seemed to enjoy themselves too, especially little "Irene" Adamant's Broadway Star. I wonder if there are any pics

where she has all the 4 legs touching the ground at the same time! Even the mother-to-be Pamela was running 

happily with her huge stomach.                                                                                                                               



                                              Romi snow-bathing                                                                Jumping there, jumping here... Irene



                                             Moses in full speed                                                                Sisters like day and night... Another full of life and                                                                                                                                            the other full of herself  ;-) Irene and Pamela



                        Who catches the ball? Pamela, Moses and Irene                                                              ... just Irene, again...



                                                             Romi                                                                               Moses and his firewood



                                                           Moses                                                             Pamela resting with her upcoming babies, 10 more days to go



                 The happy Irene with Moses stretching on the background                                  Lake Karikko - our playground at winter time


Glamorly English Springer Spaniels

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