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bitch born 07.11.2012  

co-owned by Laura Leinonen (Kennel Sparrowlane's)

When I planned mating Thelma to Int Nord Ch Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer, it was already then decided that in case there is a lovely bitch among the puppies she would move to join her mom and to be trained to many kind of activities by co-owner Laura.

We were thrilled when there was 5 even bitches born. Laura spent a lot of time here helping me out with the pups and so could follow their developements and temperaments from the day one. Fiona was very balanced as a newborn puppy and continued growing very steadily. She has always been very active and actually she was the reason why the pups were moved from our livingroom to upstairs to have a room of their own at Christmas eve... There wasn't enough activities in the puppy pen so she made it felt known that seh wants out to join the family!!

Since this her temperament has been everything you wish for a multipurpose dog for all kind of hobbies: agility, obedience, tracking etc... She has passed the working ability test for Spaniels and has a res-CC.

Fiona pictured at 9 months , photo Sari Kares.


Fiona moving at 9 months, photo Sari Kares.


Fiona is living with her mom Thelma, here having a beauty sleep before a show :)


During Summer 2013 Fiona took many BOB puppy wins to her credit, here at Rovaniemi Int Show June 2013 under Jens Martin Hansen.


Not just a pretty face, she has passed the working ability test for Spanielies at just 9 months old.








Int Nord Ch

Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer




Int Nord Ch

Barecho Fun For The Future



Nord Ch Whisborne Angus Og


Ch Barecho Pretty Picture 




Goldmoore's Angie Reynolds

Int Nord Ch

Trollängens Maximum Effect


Goldmoore's Mrs Bridges







Totally Devine



Gb Sh Ch

Petranella Perfick Choice For Beresford


Gb Sh Ch Petranella Perfick  


Petranella Tickle Me Fancy



Gb Sh Ch

Trimere Tigra

Gb Sh Ch

Mompesson Royal Destiny

Gb Sh Ch

Trimere Tuscany 

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