Glamorly Gold Label






male born 07.11.2012  

co-owned by Rami Laakso

The story about Leo and his early developement reminds me so much of "Luke" aka Glamorly Gasanova Manners... Not a story about Cinderella, but a story about extremely fat puppy who loses some weight and can be seen how he is behind all those extra kilos =)

When newborn he was big but not huge compared to his littermates. He enjoyed his time by the milk bar and started getting up in weight far better than the others... He was eating a lot of solid food too and so he was all the following weeks just an ordinary puppy. I was much more keen on his litter sisters spending hours placing them in some kind of order trying to decide who would move where... And so the boys were just 4 boys, I liked Leo's brother Pasi but thought the other 3 were more or less pet quality even if nice happy puppies with most lovely temperaments. Leo was more or less shapeless.

However, when he started move more and burn calories when playing with his littermates I noticed him having nice upperarm and shoulders, even the head got better after losing some filling ;) So he was kept in co-ownership with Rami and I'm happy for the decision. He's unshown as yet.

Wandering in the snow March 2013, photo Rami Laakso.


Enjpying Summer holidays :) photo Rami Laakso


Leo is living with two other ESS boys, photo Rami Laakso.






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