Int Ch Fi Ch Fi JW-04

With Touch Holy Moses



   male born 15.7.2003

   hips: A/A, eyes clear, PRA Cord-1 carrier

   bred by Anna Lindh,

   kennel With Touch  

   co-owned up to 2007 by Tarja Hovila,    kennel Adamant's


   20 x CC (Finland & Sweden)

   18 x CACIB (Finland & Sweden)

   12 x BOBs, 16 x BOS

    2 x Best In Group


   Hunting Ability Test Passed

   1. Prize in Tracking Open Class




                       Moses in action on the fields





Cleavehill Lloyd's Spirit



Cleavehill Loyal Spirit




Cleavehill Tri-True-Spirit


Cleavehill Adorabubble



Cleavehill Wizadora



Cleavehill Endevour


Cleavehill Cast-A-Spell






With Touch Easter Sweets




Mistily's Winter Wizard


Mistily's Wizard from Oz


Sweet Lady Anne from Shipden



With Touch Cherry Blossom


Tailwind's Elliot


Mistily's Moonlight Serenade

Glamorly English Springer Spaniels

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Moses was our black & white import from Sweden. By the time “Romi” had finished his title, I got the idea of having another dog. I was already bitten by the show bug, so I wanted to have a puppy with real ring potential .

 I contacted Tarja Hovila as there was a very interesting litter planned in spring 2003. Unfortunately there weren’t any puppies born, and my sorrow was deep. Few days later Tarja called and told there would be a very promising boy in Sweden, and it could be possible to get him to Finland. Tarja sent me photos of this 3-month-old black and white boy, who looked so promising. The only “fault” in him was his colour as I thought that a black & white Springer couldn’t be typey. I had never seen a good b/w ESS in real life but just in old  pictures. After I was convinsed about the colour I decided to have him. And it really was a decision I have never since regreted.  

I wanted a showdog, and I really got one. Moses won alltogether 20 CC’s and 18 CACIB’s. He won the group twice; in Finland at Mänttä All Breeds and in Sweden at Visby International All Breed Show. Moses was used to do things “first day possible”: In Finland a dog needs to be 9 months to compete in official classes in Championship Show. Well, Moses became nine months on Thursday, and the first show held after that was on Sunday. In this show he went to win CC, BOB and Group-2!! Then in July 2005 just one day after his 2-year-birthday he won his final CC and finished his Champion-title!

Soon after gaining his Int Ch title Moses was retired from the show ring. He enjoyed life to the full at home till the very end, we sadly lost him in June 2009.

                        Moses 3 years

              Moses winning 1. prize in Tracking in 2005







       Moses winning the group at        International All Breed Show               in Visby, Sweden in July 2005        under Per Iversen (Norway)


Photocopyright: Veera Hovila


Photocopyright: Sanna Kaven

    Moses winning BIG-3 at Kouvola All Breeds in 2005