Glamorly Gold Coast





male born 07.11.2012  

owned by Sanna Hakulinen

Pasi is from our Gold litter of 9 puppies. He was the first one born and to be frank my very first feeling was "Oh my god"... I knew there would be lots of pups coming and I had many times said to my friends that with my luck there are 9 males all with clown face markings - So this was my worst scenario and here I was holding a clown face male puppy and waiting for the other 8 to be born!

To make it clear I don't have anything against clown markings in head and in the standard it is completely accetable. However, it doesn't make the head look better either. Anyway I liked the puppy and in fact all the others had "normal" markings. I wasn't bothered with Pasi's colour but thought he is a nice puppy.

He is living with Sanna and her family and we are looking forward to the future with this happy social boy :) He has debuted in the ring with some nice results, but I think he shall take some time to come to his own. Well we have all the time in the world!

Glamorly Gold Coast pictured at 9 months, photo & conditioning Krista Illikainen.


Pasi moving at 4,5 months age. He is groomed and photographed by his "godmother" Krista Illikainen, thank you Krista for everything!!


9 weeks old, photo Krista Illikainen



3,5 months old, pictured and conditioned by Krista Illikainen.


Pictured at 7 months - photo and grooming Krista Illikainen.






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