male born 23.2.2000


                                     hips: C/D, eyes checked clear

                                     bred by Satu Pasuri,

                                     kennel Satumetsän


                                     3 x CC

                                     2 x BOS


                                     Hunting Ability Test Passed

                                     Finnish Tracking Champion

                                     Tracking Mastery of the year 2006                                            (The Springer Spaniel Club of Finland)




Romi with the proud owner Antti after succesful tracking test day in the Summer 2003







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Glamorly English Springer Spaniels

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Satumetsän Armas-Aatu




My dream of having a dog of my own came true in May 2000. At that time I didn’t know too much about dogs, my enthusiasm was greater than my skills. But it didn’t matter, as I had the best menthor to the world of dogs – that menthor was Romi.

When I bought Romi, I had no intention of showing or doing any other activities either. I wanted to have purely a pet. Anyway, we took part in a few unofficial match shows and finally made our show debute at Springer Club Specialty Show in Karkku when Romi was 15 months.

During the next few years I showed him a lot and in 2002 Romi finished his Ch title. At the shows I got to know other Springer people and made a lot of friends. I was introduced to other dog activities too, such as hunting abilitytest, blood tracking etc.

Romi has gained his greatest success in blood tracking. He made his way up to the winner’s class as soon as possible with two 1st prizes in his first two tests.His debute in winner’s class was more than impressive – he got 1st prize with 49 points out of the 50 possible! Next year he finished his Tracking Champion title. Romi has used his skills in “real life” too. He has tracked deers wounded in car accidents with the local hunting society in partnership with police.

Romi was a gentleman with a true Springer character. Even though he lived his first three years as our only dog, he adapted perfectly living in a pack. He was absolutely 100% reliable with puppies and children, so he was the babysitter for all the other dogs when they were pups here at Glamorly.

Above anything else, Romi’s most important duty has was to guide me to this lovely hobby. He taught me so much about the world of dogs, much more than I ever taught him. No one could have asked for a better first dog.

Romi passed away at 11 and half years old and was a true gentleman till the end. He was someone really special.