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 Here we present the litters we have bred, please follow the links to each litter's dedicated page for further information! You also find information  about our breeding at the Finnish Kennel Club Database Koiranet but it's unfortunately only in Finnish.

Tällä sivulla esittelemme kasvattamamme pentueet, tietoa kasvateistamme löydät lisäksi Suomen Kennelliiton Koiranet tietokannasta.













"Gods" Litter

Sire: Ch Art Wave's Topdog

Dam: Glamorly Golden Standard


6 puppies born 6.11.2015


Glamorly Godzilla

Glamorly Godspeed

Glamorly Goddess

Glamorly Goddamn Amazing

Glamorly God Save The Queen

Glamorly Godsend






"Glass" Litter

Sire: Ch Bimbik's Finch

Dam: Glamorly Golden Daydreams


8 puppies born 2.7.2014


Glamorly Glass Act

Glamorly Glasses Are Crashing

Glamorly Glass Kiss For You

Glamorly Glass Blower

Glamorly Glass War

Glamorly Glassie Come Home

Glamorly Glass Shoe Missing

Glamorly Glass Slippers





"Curve" Litter


sire: Adamant's Follow Your Style

dam: Int Ch Glamorly Gasablanca


3 puppies born 17.9.2013


Glamorly Gauss Curve

Glamorly Gosh Those Curves

Glamorly Gurvalicious












"Gold" Litter


sire: Int Nord Ch Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer

dam: Trimere Totally Devine


9 puppies born 7.11.2012:


Glamorly Gold Coast

Glamorly Gold Label

Glamorly Gold Fever

Glamorly Gold Rush

Glamorly Golden Standard

Glamorly Golden Daydreams

Glamorly Golden Memories

Glamorly Golden Connection

Glamorly Golden Sunshine





"Guilty" Litter


sire: Gb Sh Ch Nord Ch Barecho Hold Your         Horses At Peasblossom

dam: Int Ch Glamorly Gasablanca


6 puppies born 25.04.2012:


Glamorly Guilty Or Not Guilty

Glamorly Guilty Pleasures

Glamorly Guilty As If I Cared

Glamorly Guilty So What

Glamorly Guilt Free Chocolate

Glamorly Guilty Filthy Rich







"Escort" Litter


sire: BISS Aus Ch Nobhill Walk On Top At Melverly

dam: Int Nord Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk


3 puppies born 08.06.2011:


Glamorly Gigolo Wink

Glamorly Gasanova Manners  

Glamorly Geishas N Courtesans















"Movie" Litter


sire: Int Nord Ch Trollängens Maximum Effect

dam: Int Nord Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk


8 puppies born 12.02.2009:


Glamorly Godfather

Glamorly Gladiator

Glamorly Geronimo

Glamorly Gill Bill

Glamorly Gilbert Grape

Glamorly Good Bad'n' Ugly

Glamorly Gasablanca

Glamorly Gleopatra



Glamorly English Springer Spaniels

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