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                           Now we have created a news page so that there is an "archive" for news published on the front page.



12-13.12.2009 Helsinki Finnish Winner -09 and Nordic Winner -09 Shows

What a wonderful weekend we had in Helsinki! For me the winner show in the fair centre has already long time been the 'new year': it ends the show season and it's an event you've been waiting for like Christmas.. Also the athmosphere is very inspiring; you get new ideas and exciting plans for the following year. One might think that spendind 14 hours per day at a dogshow both on Saturday and Sunday gives enough of that sport for a looong time, but oh no - I wouldn't change a minute. So head is full of new ideas for 2010!

And the results then? On Saturday our team got 'excellents' with no further placements exept Lulu who was placed 4. in junior bitches. On Sunday at the Nordic Winner Show both Eddie (G. Good Bad'n' Ugly) and Lulu (G. Gasablanca) were 2. in junior class with qualityprice 'excellent' and mum Pamela - Int Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk - was 2. in strong champion bitch class and went even 2. best bitch!! Judge was Eva Mjelde from Norway.

This was a lovely way to end the season for our small show team, thank you everybody concerned and all friends for making 'my new year'!! =)


'Lulu'  Glamorly Gasablanca at 10 months


'Eddie'  Glamorly Good Bad'n' Ugly at 10 months



29.11.2009 Turku International Show

It feels luxury to have a show just 15 minutes drive from home for a change. I had only Pamela with me to represent our team on behalf of her children too. Well she did - she went Best of Breed under Hans Rosenberg (Sweden). As icing of the cake to finish the excellent day Pamela was one of the four bitches at kennel Adamant's breeders group which went Best In Show!!


Int Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk BOB under Hans Rosenberg



21.11.2009 Jyväskylä International Show

This was the day that I had been waiting for since February... This was the very first show where our "Movie" puppies could be shown in official classes, so of course siblings Eddie & Lulu were entered here. I was very excited to see especially Lulu again, last time I met her in the summer she was still a puppy.

There were 52 ESS entered, adults were judged by Wil Schrander (Netherlands) and judge for puppies & juniors was Cristian Vantu from Romania.

Eddie aka Glamorly Good Bad'n' Ugly was 2. in junior males with 'excellent'. Needles to say he was lively and brisk as always, he is such a nice chap to have around. Congratulations Jenni-Mari and Kirsi for a good start in junior classes!

Then it was time for Miss Lulu aka Glamorly Gasablanca to hit the ring. I think she will have quite a charisma in years to come as already now at 9 months her attitude is so positive... She made a good start by winning the class of 8 junior bitches and later even 4. best bitch in good competition! Huge congrats to co-owner Nina and thanks for keeping our princess in such a lovely condition! Lulu's look-a-like mother Pamela Int Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk was EXC 3. in champion bitch class and so all in all a good day for Glam team =)

Again we had a wonderful time by the ring side, special congratulation-hugs to Jaana for BOB with your wonderfull "Aurora" Baskethill's Jubilee Blossom and team FanWans for a brand new Champion!!


"Very good type & balance, good expression. Good front & rib for age. Good topline &

angulation.Very good movement." Cristian Vantu (Romania)                                     


"Beautiful elegant bitch. Nice feminine expression, very nice shape and balance. Excellent

topline & angulation, very good movement." Cristian Vantu (Romania)                               


Happy breeder with his debutants Eddie and Lulu



7-8.11.2009 Tartu Int Shows

Weekend 7-8.11.2009 there were two International Shows held in Tartu, Estonia. My trip to Estonia started on Friday morning when I drove to Lepsämä to get Wiljami aka Fi Ch Adamant's Take It Easy. From there we drove to western harbour in Helsinki to catch the bus which would take me and the dogs to Tartu. It was full winter on the other side of the bay, but finally we managed to reach our hotel dispite the snow and bad weather.

On Saturday ESS was the last breed judged by Lidija Oklescen from Slovenia. We - the team of our bus - went to the showplace allready in the morning, so there were some looong and a little exciting hours of waiting by the ringside... But as they say you have to wait for something really good to happen and so we did!! Wiljami was best male with CC and CACIB, so he became International Champion and Est CH!! Huge congratulations to owners Eero and Marja!

Then it was time for the bitches. I must admit I was even more nervous when I had my own girl in the ring. Anyway no need for that as Pam showed very happily again with loose lead as she is used to, and went to best bitch gaining her crowning CC and CACIB! So also Pamela is now Int Fi Est Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk. With all the running and broken excitement I was all sweat in the BOB challenge, but never mind when it's all "just plus" what you get in that point :-) It was Wiljami who went BOB, thank you Siret Kroon for your help! Later in the day Wiljami was also shortlisted in the group ring by Jose Homem De Mello.

So many people from our bus group had great success in the show, so in the evening we went together to have dinner in the old town of Tartu. What a beautifully renovated restaurant it was, this nice evening with newly made friends shall be warmly remembered!

On Sunday there weren't much change in ESS results: Wiljami was BOB again and Pamela BOS by Bjarne Sorensen from Norway. Both W. and P. took cacibs too, thanks Karoliina Kallela for handling Wiljami to Best of Breed! :) Then it was time to start our journey back to Finland. We all were quite tired but I can tell you it really helps to have two newly crowned Int Chs with you... It DOES give you some extra energy ;-)


New International Champions Adamant's Take It Easy and Adamant's Let 'Em Talk with judge Lidija Oklescen (Slovenia)



24.10.2009 Seinäjoki Int Show

 After a far-too-long break from showing we attended Seinajoki Int Show. It was wonderful to meet many good friends who I haven't seen after summer, so needless to say we had a great time at ringside! Our judge was breed specialist Helene Björkman (Barecho ESS) from Sweden and the entry was 48 English Springers.

First one in the ring was "Eddie" G. Good Bad'n' Ugly who was shown for the very first time. He was happy himself and full of positive energy so that the performance in the ring was a real challenge for his breeder-handler. "Eddie" took BOB puppy, congratulations to owners Jenni-Mari Lindström and Kirsi Heiskari-Leppänen!!

Also mother "Pamela" Ch. Adamant's Let 'Em Talk did well as she went 3. best bitch with res-CACIB in stone hard competition among top quality bitches from Finland and Sweden. This was her second outing this year, the other was Breedclub Main Specialty in June where she went 2. best bitch. Pamela took also part in kennel Adamant's breeders class which went BIS-2.

Thank you all friends for making this day! =)


Glamorly Good Bad'n' Ugly at 8,5 months - photocopyright Jaana Heiskari




What a wonderful Autumn time it has been: cold and bright mornings, strong colours... So just perfect for long walks in the forests with the dogs! In the photo there's part of the Glamorly team ready to go to the woods.





    Eddie has moved to his new home in Northern Finland. He is jointly owned by Kirsi Heiskari-Leppänen (Grinity) and Jenni-Mari Lindström     (Lenni and Eddie's pages)

    Eddie will be enjoying active life training obedience, agility and maybe some tracking. He'll be shown as well towards the end of the year.          We wish all the best luck with him for the future!


Eddie aka Glamorly Good Bad'n' Ugly at 7,5 months

photocopyright: Sanna Kavén




27.9.2009 Some photos


                         Today we took some photos of the Glamorly Show Team for the late Autumn shows - please click here.



19.9.2009 Lulu 's debute



               Glamorly Gasablanca - has made her debute in the showring: 19.9.2009 in Siikajoki All Breed Puppyshow, where she took                BOB and Best In Group!!! Huge congratulations to co-owner Nina Janné (Trés Allantes) and Thank You Kirsi Heiskari-Leppänen               (Grinity) for taking Lulu to this show and handling her to this win!! For both these photos, copyright: Saana Pirinen. 


Lulu pictured at 7 months, photo: Saana Pirinen


Glamorly English Springer Spaniels

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