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14-15.8.2010 Three CC Winners + a new NORDIC CHAMPION!

What a weekend for our small kennel! On Saturday there was a group specialty in Norhern Finland in Puolanka, where Jenni-Mari showed Eddie aka Glamorly Good Bad'n' Ugly. He was second best male and took his fifth CC - huge congratulations to owners!

On Sunday I was nervously waiting for a call from Norway, as we had sent Pamela (Adamant's Let 'Em Talk) there with Sanna Vartiainen to take part in two Int Shows in Oslo. It was a Norwegian winner show and Christina Daniels (Mistily's, Sweden) judged ESS. I did receive the call hearing that Pamela had went 2. best bitch and taken the bitch CC!! This CC crowned her as Norw Ch as well as Nordic Champion!! Thank you so much Sanna for taking our queen with you and making this possible!

Same time at Raisio All Breed Show here in Finland Nina Irmola showed her Gille aka Glamorly Gilbert Grape under Soile Bister. I was very happy to hear that Gille was best male and took his 3rd CC!! Well done Nina and Gille!


Gilbert Grape pictured at Est Winner 2010 show were he also took the dog CC.




Traditional Sawo Show weekend with three Int Shows in Kuopio was held in enormous heat - some +35 celsius every day... But we had rented a lovely cottage with friends and had a super good time, so never mind about the hotness!! Extreme conditions like these are a challenge for the dogs, and when you are running in the ring class after another so drinking water all the time becomes very vital =)

Pamela - Int Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk - had a good weekend picking two CACIB's (under Helle Dan Pålsson and Ann Ingram) + BOB & BIG-2 on Sunday under Ann Ingram (Ireland)! Also Lulu - Glamorly Gasablanca - was shown: she won her class on two days and took the reserve bitch CC on Friday under Sven Lovenkjaer (Denmark).


Pamela BIG-2 in Sawo Show on Sunday under Ann Ingram.




Summer news

A lot has happened since the last update in April... To cut it all short, here is a little report of our results:

In the beginning of June I travelled to Estonian Winner Show with my good friend Karoliina Kallela. We had an unfogettable weekend and so much fun!! I had two youngsters of the team with me - "Gille" aka Glamorly Gilbert Grape and "Doris" Goldmoore's Make It Happen. They made us proud taking CC's each on both days, on Saturday it was Spaniel Specialty (judge Inga Siil) and on Sunday Est Winner Show (judge Ann Ingram). At Winner Show Doris was also best bitch and took CACIB + EstW-10 title!


BOB EstW-10 Alfalex Fellow Traveller - BOS EstW-10 Goldmoore's Make It Happen

photocopyright: Inka Kemppainen


photocopyright: Inka Kemppainen


Glamorly Gilbert Grape took the dog CC both days

photocopyright: Katrin Olmre


Then there was a little holiday after the Estonian trip, and the dogs and I could load batteries for the real adventure of this Summer - the World Winner Tournament in Denmark!!

We had rented a house from the lovely countryside near Viborg. Some memorable days were spent there with friends and alltogether 14 ESS & WSS around. The World Show was a lovely experience as everybody seemed to be there - it was so nice to meet many of my abroad friends and see many of those quality dogs in flesh who I had previously admired only in pictures.

We had some lovely success too, as "Eddie" Glamorly Good Bad'n' Ugly went to win the huge class of junior males under Per Iversen (Norway) and took title of Junior World Winner 2010!! A moment that shall never be forgotten! Mother Pamela (Int Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk) was placed third at the quality class of open bitches, so very pleased with that too =)

Next day there was a Spaniel Specialty Show where Kate Keely (Alhambra fame) judged the breed. It was a record entry of ESS in Denmark: 99 Springers entered! Despite the hot weather Pamela showed herself with full energy and was a joy to show. It ended up being "her day" as she went all the way to 2nd best bitch and took the bitch CC in top competition! She gained also her Danish title with this CC.



After arriving home from this special trip there wasn't many days before the next tournament weeekend =) It was Pori Int Show, where I had Lulu and Pamela with me. If I had thought that it was hot in Denmark, I was wrong. because now it was REALLY HOT!! The only one who didn't mind about the weather was Lulu aka Glamorly Gasablanca - actually it was good that the sun settled her endless energy  a little. Our judge Kirsti Louhi gave her CC, CACIB and BOB!

Later in the group Elena Ruskovaara gave us BIG-3 in top competition, very pleased for our young girl's day!

As a side note, Lulu attended a blood tracking test for hunting dogs in the beginning of June. She debuted well with 2nd price in open class =)


photocopyright: Showlink


The young team has collected CC's during the summer so that the score is now following: Doris aka Goldmoore's Make It Happen has 17 CC's, Glamorly Good Bad'n' Ugly 5 CC's and Glamorly Gilbert Grape 3 CC's!

Congratulations and THANK YOU to all talent owners / co-owners - your work is highly appreciated!!



20.4.2010 eyetest results

Today I took "Lulu" aka Glamorly Gasablanca to the vets: she was eye checked clear by an eye-specialist. We also got back "Eddie's" (G. Good Bad'n' Ugly) PRA Cord-1 dna-test - the result was that he is clear / non-carrier! Lulu was dnaa-tested earlier and she's clear too.  


18.4.2010 Vaasa FKK Int Show

The cloud of ash from Iceland has spoiled many plans of those who are traveling abroad and the worst thing about this appearance is that nobody knew how long it would take to everything getting normal again. This must have been upsetting time for the Vaasa show commitee too, with many judges from abroad invited to judge at the show. Anyway everything went smoothly and the judging was re-planned so that the show could be contrived.

Marja Talvitie (Finland) judged the breed. "Eddie" Glamorly Good Bad'n Ugly was shown in lovely condition once again, he went 2nd best male with reserve CC!! Congrats for owners Jenni-Mari and Kirsi!! Another youngster of the team "Doris" Goldmoore's Make It Happen continued picking CC's and got even her first CACIB at the first possible show now at the age of 15 months. She went BOB and BIG-2 later in the day under Tapio Eerola in good competition! Others from the team shown today were "Gille" Glamorly Gilbert Grape ('very good' in junior males), "Lulu" Glamorly Gasablanca (exc 2 in junior bitches) and "Pamela" Int Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk (exc 3 in champion bitches).


Doris BOB & BIG-2, photocopyright: Outi Heikkinen


BOB Goldmoore's Make It Happen - BOS Adamant's Pop The Question, photocopyright: Jaana Heiskari


Glamorly Good Bad'n' Ugly 2nd best male with res-CC, photocopyright: Jaana Heiskari


Glamorly Gilbert Grape pictured in Karikonkylä day before the show at 14 months.



Easter time 4.4.2010

I travelled to Central Finland to spend the Easter Holidays. We had a special visitor with us called "Gipsu" aka Glamorly Godfather. We enjoyed long walks on ice and the lovely spring weather, while co-owned "Doris" aka Goldmoore's Make It Happen travelled to Lappeenranta All Breed Show. The judge for ESS was Elena Ruskovaara (Finland) and Doris went to win her CC # 8, BOB and BIG-3!! Thank you Tarja for making this all true! Doris took her 7th CC a week earlier at Korpilahti group specialty under Raija Tammelin.


Goldmoore's Make It Happen BOB at Lappeenranta All Breeds, photo: Jyrki Kauhanen


The whole 'orchestra' after a walk on the ice.


"Gipsu"   Glamorly Godfather


"Gipsu"   Glamorly Godfather at nearly 14 months.





21.3.2010 Tampere FKK Int Show

I left early to Tampere with Pamela and Gilbert, and after the dark winter time it was nice to drive in light. The spring IS coming! I had heard that the day before on Saturday the parking place was full of puddles and slush... So I renewed my show style and put on Wellington boots. It proved to be a good plan as I had to leave my car quite far from the doorway. I managed to get the dogs in dry, and there at Pirkkala Sporting Centre we met the other members of the team .

Our judge was Reia Leikola-Walden (Finland) and there were 46 ESS entered. Gilbert aka Glamorly Gilbert Grape was our representative among males. Do I need to mention that he had loads of energy (surprise surprise!) and he was happily bounching up and again. But I think it is positive that the youngsters have a bit extra ambition and this "yay" attitude in the ring. They say that 'practice makes perfect' =) Gilbert was exc2 in junior class and was shortcutted among the final 5 in best male competition!

In bitched Pamela Int Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk got the brightest crown as best bitch with CACIB. Young Doris won junior bitches and ended 3rd best bitch with CC #6 to her credit and Lulu G. Gasablanca was exc3 in junior class. Also Pamela's daughter from her first litter by Int Sh Ch Linmoor Your Majesty (today's BOB winner) was shown: "Unelma" aka Adamant's Perfect Dolly won the open class bitches with 'excellent'. Congratulations to owner Mira Mäkivirta!

Thank you all friends for lovely day ringside!

BOB Int Sh Ch Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Int Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk

photocopyright: Jyrki Kauhanen


"Doris"  Goldmoore's Make It Happen  photo: Anne Lielahti


"Gilbert"  Glamorly Gilbert Grape   photo: Anne Lielahti


"Lulu"  Glamorly Gasablanca   photo: Nina Janné


"Unelma" Adamant's Perfect Dolly

(Int Sh Ch Linmoor Your Majesty - Int Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk)



19.3.2010 Hipresults from the Kennelclub

Now we have got the official results from all the Movie pups which have been tested so far with nice results:

     Glamorly Good Bad'n' Ugly   A/A

     Glamorly Gasablanca  A/A

     Glamorly Gilbert Grape B/C

     Glamorly Godfather   B/D

     Glamorly Geronimo   A/A

     Glamorly Gleopatra  A/A

Thank you all puppybuyers for your activity!!




We got Lulu's (Glamorly Gasablanca) hipresults from the Finnish Kennelclub - she has best possible A/A hips! We are very pleased with the result, and now waiting for the five other Movie pups' results.

Also Eddie (Glamorly Good Bad'n' Ugly) has been eyetested clear by an eyespecialist on February 25th.



23.2.2010 Romi 10 years!

Today it is time for a good party - it is the 10th Birthday of our evergreen gentleman "Romi" aka Dual Ch Satumetsän Armas-Aatu. I'm happy to report that he is a fit veteran who is enjoying active retirement with long daily walks on ice. Indoors he spends most of his time sleeping at the sofa, but that is how he has been all his life =)

Already as a youngster Romi was very calm and steady. I often wondered how he will be as a veteran as he seemed like an oldie at two years of age! I think that our yongsters have kept Romi fresh at heart as he loves puppies, and he somehow grows years younger always when we have a puppy at home. Or maybe it is just his uncomplicated, frank attitude to life that makes Romi 'timeless'!!


Romi is much loved not only by me, but also by all his four-legged friends: here with Irene.



12.2.2010 Health checks


We had a "birthday party" at a vet clinic here in Turku, there were 4 puppies from the 'Movie' litter + Doris taking part =) They all had their eyes checked clear from hereditary diseases.

Eyes checked clear by an eyespecialist:

     Glamorly Gilbert Grape

     Glamorly Godfather

     Glamorly Geronimo

     Glamorly Gleopatra

     Goldmoore's Make It Happen


Now we are waiting for the hipresults of the Movie-siblings from the Kennelclub, thank you everybody concerned for today! I think it is important to healt check not only the dogs used in breeding, but also their siblings and relatives. This helps me to work towards the main goal - breeding healthy, sound English Springers.



12.2.2010 Happy Birthday Movie pups!

Today our 'Movie' puppies celebrate their first birthaday - Congratulations to Siru, Lulu, Gipsu, Rocky, Gille, Saku, Billy and Eddie with your families! =)

From left: Godfather, Gleopatra, Gill Bill, Geronimo, and Gladiator there buried in between. Then Gasablanca, Good Bad'n' Ugly & Gilbert Grape.



26.1.2010 Welcome Doris!!!

I'm very happy and proud to introduce the latest addition to Glamorly Team -  "Doris" Goldmoore's Make It Happen

She is co-owned with Tarja Hovila, kennel Adamant's. Thank you ever so much for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!!!


Goldmoore's Make It Happen 8,5 months - photocopyright: Mikko Hovila



24.1.2010 Turku Int Show

Traditionally Turku Winter Dod Show is one of the biggest Int Shows held in Finland. I remember the long journey down to south when I lived in Petajavesi, but now it's only a 5 minute drive from my home in Turku.

Gilbert aka Glamorly Gilbert Grape from our Movie-litter made his debute today under Johan Juslin. "Gille" won his class (junior males) with qualityprize 'very good'. He is always kept in such a wonderfull condition - thank you owner Nina Irmola!! It was a nice day and I was very pleased to see that Gilbert enjoyded his time out at his very first show. I'm really looking forward to showing him more during the spring!

Also Pamela aka Int Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk was shown - she went 4th best bitch.


Glamorly Gilbert Grape 11 months.




Today Pamela - Int Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk - visited an eye specialist and had her eyes checked clear.


9.1.2010 Kajaani Int Show

We started the new show year traditionally at Kajaani International All Breed Show. It also seems to be a tradiotion, that the weather is very arctic: extremely cold or heavy snowing with strong winds. This year it was cold, on Friday night when we arrived to Kajaani there were some -30 Celsius. Well, it's all about proper clothes so no 'smart casual'  but a nice warm pullover for the ring!

Eddie (G. Good Bad'n' Ugly) won the junior class males with a lovely critique from our judge Tino Pehar (Croatia). He showed off very nicely and was chosen among the 5 finalists in the best male competition with no further placement in the line-up for 4 best males. In this show there was also an unofficial BOB-junior competion arranged by Royal Canin. Eddie was BOS-junior as the BOB-jun went to lovely Doris aka Goldmoore's Make It Happen. Congratulations to Eddie's owners Jenni-Mari and Kirsi, and Thank You for keeping him in such a lovely condition!

The girls representing our team were Lulu (G. Gasablanca) and Pamela (Int Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk). Lulu was 3. with 'excellent' in a quality class of junior bitches, mother Pam also got exc/3. in Champion bitches. She also took part in Adamant's breeder's group which went BIS-2.

Even the temperature in the hall was quite low, I think we all felt warm inside thanks to all friends and the good sporting athmosphere ringside!


BOS-junior Glamorly Good Bad'n' Ugly, judge Tino Pehar and BOB, BIS-junior Goldmoore's Make It Happen

photocopyright: Jaana Heiskari



"10 months old. Excellent proportions. Correct head with enough deep muzzle .

Enough long neck, good body structure for his age. Correct angulation. Excellent

movement for his age."  Tino Pehar (Croatia)           photo: Jaana Heiskari         




Glamorly English Springer Spaniels

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