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11.12.2011 Nordic Winner Show in Stockholm, Sweden

What a perfect way to end the year - to travel traditional "Stora Stockholm" with friends and enjoy quality time together at the boat and at show. We had of course four-legged friends packed with too - Thelma, Lulu, Pamela and Felix who would return home to Norway this weekend.

There was a huge entry of ESS so the males and bitches are always shared to two judges at this event. The dogs were judged by Mr. Hans Van Den Berg from Holland and the bitches were judged by Mr. Moray Armstrong from the UK. The classes were huge with top quality ESS from all Nordic countries attending so we were more than pleased to make a shortcut among the final 6-8 in the classes with all our bitches. From our team Lulu aka Int Ch Glamorly did best being 3rd in the huge open class of over 20 so we were very pleased.

It was sooo nice to meet you all my Nordic friends there, really enjoyed my time and of course so nice to see all the qualitydogs. After watching the finals it was time to hug Felix fot good bye, sure we meet again and was such a lovely time having him here with us for the Autumn.

Thank you Laura and Krista for super company during the trip - sure there will be a lot of trips like this in years to come with you girls!! :)


Thelma pictured in the ring at huge junior bitch class, shemade a shortcut among the final 8 under Mr. Moray Armsrong.



3-4.12.2011 Helsinki Winner Shows

One of the highlights of the year is always Helsinki WInner shows in December ending the show season. Lovely weekend was spent with friends watching lovely ESS and having great time ringside!

On Saturday Thelma aka Trimere Totally Devine was nicely placed 2nd at huge junior bitch class with CQ under Rainer Vuorinen. Doris aka Goldmoore's Make It Happen won strong Champion bitch class and finished 2nd best bitch.

On Sunday Doris topped her show year winning best bitch under Henrik Frykstrand and was later on the day crowned TOP SPRINGER 2011 in Finland!


TOP SPRINGER 2011 in Finland Int Ch Goldmoore's Make It Happen with happy co-owners


Thelma was placed 2nd with CQ in the junior bitch class under Rainer Vuorinen at Helsinki Winner show, photo Jyrki Kauhanen.



19-20.11.2011 Jyväskylä 2 x Int All Breeds

I consider Jyväskylä Int as my "home show" as I've been brought up there in Central Finland and my first touch to the world of show dogs has come there. My dad used to take me to this show every year to see the dogs and so this show means something special to me.

The results were just lovely for the co-owned Glam girls: on Saturday "Pamela" Int Nord Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk went BOB under Ivan Jasiljevic and on Sunday it was "Doris" Int Ch Goldmoore's Make It Happen who finished BOB under Eeva Rautala.


BOS  Int Ch Bogaloo's Zyclone Warning - BOB Int Nord Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk,  photocopyright Jyrki Kauhanen


BOS Int Nord Ch Linmoor Your Majesty - BOB Int Ch Goldmoore's Make It Happen,  photocopyright Susanna Mononen



24-25.9.2011 Eckero Int All Breeds

We had a lovely weekend at the beautiful Åland island betweend Finland and Sweden. There was 3 ESS and 4 ESS in our car, 2 males, one bitch in season... But all went so smoothly and the dogs we had were so nice and easy to travel with! I had Felix, Thelma and Doris with me.

Per Iversen from Norway was judging the breed and the day started with Thelma aka Trimere Totaly Devine making her debute in the ring. I was a little concern how she would take all this travelling with a big ferry, hotel life and indoors shows as she had been at home most of her time and only visited outdoor shows as a tourist along the other show team during the Summer. Well my worries were empty as she was sparkling of happiness and joy during the whole weekend and wasn't bothered at all of all the noice at the harbour etc. So pleased eith this girl!

Thelma finished BOB-puppy. Next in the ring was Felix aka Ch Winton The Winner Takes It All. He went to best male with CACIB. Then it was Doris (Int Ch Goldmoore's Make It Happen) turn to show what she is made of, she was on top mood and ended best bitch with CACIB.

In BOB challenge Riikka Aholammi (Clearing Pond's Goldens) kindly showed Felix for me and piloted Felix to BOB, thank you so much Riikka for handling him so well!

Later in the day Felix ended the day as BIG-2 under Nicola Ruigrok from Ireland. A lovely day for our car as one of the welshies Int Nord Ch Benton Walk of Fame was BIG-1, congrats Marjo and Piia!


BOB-puppy first time out Trimere Totally Devine


BOB Ch Winton The Winner Takes It All - BOS Int Ch Goldmoore's Make It Happen


Our car housed this winning team including BIG-1 and BIG-2 ... Such a nice travelling companions the were!


Antti and the dogs at the lovely surroundings of beautiful Åland island, from left to right Felix, Doris and Thelma.  



10.9.2011 Porvoo All Breeds

It was third weekend in row showing - this time at Porvoo all Breeds under Jose Homem de Mello from Spain. this was the last outdoor show but the weather was still good for us at it wasn't any major rain during the judging, when I started driving home the sky opened and it was pouring with water!

Felix continued doing well for us and finished best male and BOS. BOB went to junior bitch Kahdensiskon Adore Me - congrats Nappi & Nana!


BOS Winton The Winner Takes It All - BOB Kahdensiskon Adore Me, photocopyright Kahdensiskon



3.9.2012 Vantaa All Breeds

This weekend we were showing in Vantaa. We have been plessed with nice weather now when outdoor show season still continues a few weeks, even it was a little rain during the finals. But they say "things that don't kill you, make you stronger" right?

Felix was on his top mood and ended BOB under specialist Sara Nordin from Sweden. Later in the day Felix continued his winning ways finishing BIG-2 in a strong group under Rune Fagerström, the group was won by a super Am Cocker I highly admire - Ch Afterglow Tokyo Joe who is a half-brother to our Pearl.

Thank you friends for a lovely day together!



Felix pictured by Krista Illikainen



28.8.2011 Tervakoski Int All Breeds

On Friday I drove to Karikonkylä and it was so nice to be at home again as I hadn't been there since Midsummer. The puppies and work had kept me in Turku all Summer so it was a super feeling to go to "our" woods and walks after some break in between. The doggies also seemed to enjoy their time swimming and running in the woods. Saturday night was then Spaniel bathing and toning to get the team ready for the Sunday Show.

It was Tervakoski Int All Breeds and Tuula Pratt judged ESS. We had a great day as Felix debuted in Finnish rings going 2nd best male with CC and CACIB, Doris was BOB and later BIG-3 under Letitia Pett! Thank you all friends for a lovely day!!


Felix and his way to move... photocopyright Hannele Pakkala


Doris BIG-3 at the finals under Letitia Pett, photocopyright Kikka Koljonen



20-21.8.2011 Tallinn Int Shows in Estonia and a new visitor to Glamorly

It was a busy weekend with so much to report but lets start with early Saturday morning. I packed Lulu (G. Gasablanca) and Gille (G. Gilbert Grape) to my car and drove to Helsinki to catch the early ferry to Estonia. It was a tight schedule to be at the show venue in time, but we made it about 15 minutes before the judging started.

First in the ring we had Gilbert, who went ´3rd best male with CC and therefore finished his Finnish and Estonian Champion title. Next it was Lulu's turn to hit the ring, and she made me proud finishing best bitch with CC and CACIB - thus gaining her International and Estonian Ch titles to her Fi Ch status. It was a great sunny Summer day with friends and I was so happy to be there to withness "Frutty" Adamant's Press Stop going Best In Show! Congrats Liina!!

Next day there was another Int All Breed Ch Show at the Kalev Stadion. Sun was again shining so warmly, what a lovely late Summer weekend to be spent in good company ringside getting some extra suntan before the Autumn times.. Again Lulu finished best bitch with CACIB and Gilbert was 4th best male. Frutty went again BOB BIG-1, so happy for you Liina, well done!!

After watching the finals I drove to harbor and took the last ferry to Finland, we were in Helsinki around midnight. Back at home in Turku at 2 o'clock but the icing of the weekend was yet to come:

Kikka Koljonen was showing in Norway and kindly brought me "Felix" Ch Winton The Winner Takes It All to visit Glamorly. Kikka left him to Turku and Gille's owner Nina kindly took him and was waiting with with Felix when we travellers arrived home.

I was sooo pleased to meet Felix again and am very much looking forward showing him during the next months here as a part of Glam Team! Thank you so much breeder Vanja Sliwa (Winton) and owners Erik Samdal and Lena-Marie Berg for entrusting me with Felix!!





14.8.2011 Welcome Afterglow Pearl Necklace!!

My Summer work at the hospital ended on Friday and I left directly from work to the airport to spend a lovely weekend in the UK at Afterglow.

On Sunday evening I returned home with my new puppy "Pearl" - a longterm dream has finally come true!! Forever gratefull to you Michael and Jason for letting me have her here!!! See Pearl's own page at the Glam Teamsection for further info, pedigree and photos!




30.7.2011 Pori Int All Breeds

Another very warm, sunny day spent with friends - this time in Pori. Judge for ESS was breed specialist Mr. Gareth Lawler (Rogfolly fame, UK) so I was really looking forward to the critiques as it is not every show here in Finland we have breed / Spaniel specialist judging.

I had only Lulu G. Gasablanca with me, who went to win the Champion bitches and finished 2nd best bitch after beautiful Adamant's Proudly Presents who went BOB. Lulu got this following critique:

"Super quality bitch, lovely type, sweet feminine head. Presenting a picture of balance, very well made all through. Moves soundly and with drive". 

It certainly was Pamela's day even the queen herself nursed her babies at home as also her son Adamant's Perfect World (by Int Ch Linmoor Your Majesty) did well taking the dog CC and res CACIB! Congrats Helena!

Thanks to all concerned for a lovely sunny day together!!


Glamorly Gasablanca - photocopyright Anette Heikkuri

BOS New Design's X-Ample For You  -  BOB Adamant's Proudly Presents,   photocopyright Hanne Koivula.



2.7.2011 Karjaa All Breeds

Lovely sunny day in Karja, judge Branislav Rajic (Slovenia) for the breed and Tarja Hovila (Adamant's) for the group: BOB and short cut amnong the 6 finalists at FCI group 8 was "Lulu" Glamorly Gasablanca. Critique under Branislav Rajic:  

"2 years old bitch, excellent size and balance. Noble feminine head, very musculous but feminine, strong well balanced overall body. Excellent coat and colour, well angulated, sound in movement"


photocopyright Marjo Jaakkola



18.6.2011 Kotka Int All Breeds

This was a show to remember in many ways, so let's start with the weather. I had some kind of stubid illusion that it wouldn't rain so had no umbrella nor any proper clothing for the conditions it would be when arriving at the show... I had a suit and pair of fine shoes just o find that the whole show area and the ring were floating of mud and water - not enough with this but these was plenty of water coming down from the skye as well - heavily!!

Well of I collected all my positive spirits and showed Väinö (New Design's Example For You) and Lulu and it was worth ruining the clothes! Väinö went BOS with CACIB, concrats Kati!! In tough competition of bitches there was rounds and rounds of running, and so pleased to report that finally Lulu went 4th best bitch with her final crowning CC!! Judge was gundog specialist Frank Kane (UK).

Lulu got this following critigue: "2 years, beautiful quality and type. Very good rib and quarters, beautiful head. Eyes could be a little darker. Excellent legs and feet, excellent movement"


Wet but happy team... Looking forward for some more rain!!! photo Arto Toivanen


8.6.2011 The puppies are here!!!!!!

Soooo happy to report that we now have 2 fat brisk boys and a beautiful little girl!! All doing just fine, also mother Pamela who had to have a caesaran section. She is such a dedicated mother for her three diamonds who now spend their days eating, sleeping, eating and yet more eating...

I'm so pleased that this international project and long awaited litter succeeded, now it will be a lovely summer to watch these new glamour persons to develope and grow =)


The butterballs finishing their breakfast... From left to right  "Lydia"  " Lorenzo"  and "Luke"



5.6.2011 Finnish Springer Club Main Specialty Ch Show

The first weekend of June our Breed Club helds its Annual Main Specialty Championship Show in Karkku. It is a tradition to take part this show, and actually this was some kind of "jubilee" for my showing career as I have exhibited my first Ch Show here at this Specialty 10 years ago in June 2001! Then I was showing Romi for the first time ever, it was his debute and he ended 3rd in Intermediate males class under Mrs. Ann Corbett (Trimere fame). Feels funny that it was 10 years ago and I still remember the excitement of my first time in a ring at a Ch show as it was only yesterday...

The judges here at Karkku all always breed specialist from the UK - the country of the origin of the breed. This year our judge for puppies and veterans was Mr. Gareth Lawler (Roqfolly fame) and Mrs. Trudy Topliss (Beresford ESS) for other classes. I had only Lulu (G. Gasablanca) to show as the divine princess person was too young to being shown. Thelma was there fooling around anyway and enjoyed her time breaking some hearts at our tent!

Lulu was on her best show mood and she won the class of 14 Open bitches and finished as 2nd best bitch and took the bitch CC! She was also awarded a ticket to unofficial "best mover" competition which is a traditional part of our Specialty.

The weather was just perfect for a dog show - sunny but with a gentle summer breeze. So was the company ringside - it was such a great time at our "tent camp" with meeting old friends and making new ones.. So thanks everybody!


Glamorly Gasablanca took the bitch CC under Mrs. Trudy Topliss (Beresford) with following critique  - photocopyright Tiia Sutinen

"Excellent bitch for type and size. Super lines all through. Beautiful clean neck into shoulder. Very nicely bodied.

Strong quarters. Good bone, very nice in front assembly. Moved very soundly, very well muscled on the back & the quarters."


Lovely time ringside... Thank you all!! photocopyright Krista Illikainen


As a divine princess person Thelma decided she is CC-quality anyway     

despite being too young for being shown... =))) photocopyright: Waldvogel



2.6.2011 Hunting Ability Test for Spaniel Breeds

Gilbert has been busy keeping the Glam flag flying while the rest of the team has enjoyed the lovely Summer weather relaxing at home. It is always so nice to receive results and messages like this from active puppybuyers - your work is highly appreciated!!

So Glamorly Gilbert Grape took part in a hunting ability test for Spaniel breeds today. The trial contains flushing game at the forest for gun, tracking a dragged deer hoof and finally retrieving a wings of a mallard from water. During the test also the co-operation between the dog and his owner as well as obedience are judged. Here in Finland it is required an ESS to pass this test for Fi Ch title as we don't have a title of Show Champion without a field qualification.

I'm happy to report that Gilbert passed the test so now we start "hunting" for the last CC for his title! =) Congrats and Thanks to Gille's family!!


Gilbert Grape retrieving - photocopyright Tiina Huppunen



22.5.2011 Åland Group Specialty for gundogs

Nina Irmola travelled with her Glamorly Gilbert Grape to island of Åland where a Group Specialty Ch show for gundog breeds was held. The judge for ESS was Ann Carlström from Sweden.

Gilbert went 2nd best male taking his CC # 4 - huge congratulations and Thanks Nina for your effort and activity! It was nice to enjoy a relaxed sunny day at home with the dogs when receiving results like this =)

Gilbert Grape has now 2 CC's from Estonia and 2 CC's from Finland.


Glamorly Gilbert Grape pictured at Karikonkyä while visiting his breeder.



21.5.2011 Hamina Int Show and Helsinki Junior Grand Prix finals

Saturday morning started with ESS judging at Hamina Int Show, our judge was finnish Elena Ruskovaara. Doris Ch Goldmoore's Make It Happen showed herself happily going all the way to Best of Breed! She got also the CACIB which was the last "time CACIB" needed making her Int Ch! Huge thanks and congrats to everyone concerned!

Doris couldn't stay until the finals as we had the Junior of The Year 2010 All Breeds Grand Prix finals in Helsinki on afternoon.. There were 8 finalists invited who had qualified during 2010 - at some All Breed Shows there had been BIS-junior competitions where the winner of the Saturday were competing first against the winner of Sunday so only the winners of the whole show would continue in the Helsinki finals in May under Mrs. Ann Ingram from Ireland. There was also another of Doris' kennelmates competing, namely Silvia aka Adamant's Proudly Presents who won BIS-1 !! Huge congrats Tarja for such a lovely win - junior of the year All Breeds!!

Doris was BIS-4 so we were thrilled! Such a lovely sunny Summer Saturday it was!


Doris moving at the Grand Prix finals, photocopyright Tiina Saarinen


photocopyright Tiina Saarinen


photocopyright Tiina Saarinen



8.5.2011 We have our first homebred Champion!

Saturday May 8th is a day to treasure when I'm gray and old, as it was the day when the first (hopefully not the last too... ) Glamorly bred Champion was made up. It was Eddie - JWW-10 G. Good Bad'n' Ugly who took his crowning CC after two-year-birthday at Oulainen group specialty under Elena Ruskovaara. He was best male and BOS, warm congrats to Jaana (Baskethill's) for BOB and all the four best bitch placements!

I feel very happy for Eddie as he has been through so much.. Now he is in the best possible hands with his dedicated owners Jenni-Mari and KIrsi up north in Oulu. I want to thank you for your friendship and for the great co-operation together! What good I have done to get puppy-buyers like you - I feel privileged!

Ever heard the fairytail about Cinderella, a girl who had a heart of gold and the most beautiful mind and soul which led her from rags to riches? Eddie's story reminds me a lot of Cinderella. Now he has found his "prince" in form of Jenni-Mari and Kirsi and is enjoying his second chance as a Junior World Winner and a newly crowned Champion.


Newly crowned Fi Ch JWW-10 Glamorly Good Bad'n' Ugly with proud owner Jenni-Mari Lindström, photo Jaana Heiskari.





22.4.2011  Lahti Int Ch Show

Traditional Lahti April show was the first dog show for me this year. Yes - it was a loong break but on the other hand it was a busy spring with many other dogy projects going on and they say that breaks in life are good for you. Anyway it was great to be back and meeting all friends, it was a lovely day from all aspects!

The judge for ESS was breed specialist Jessie Borregaard-Madsen from Denmark (Sieger's fame) and it was a entry of 47 ESS. There were 2 Glamorlys shown plus the queen person from my household Pamela. Gille aka G. Gilbert Grape took price 'very good' at open class , thank you Nina Irmola for showing him and for the nice company at the show!

Then at the bitches I showed daughter and mother Lulu and Pamela. Glamorly Gasablanca was shown first time since last August as some idiot (me) clipped all her feathering off before she was due to have her litter in winter time. She was left empty with no puppies, so now I have been waiting her hair to grow back again.. It has been worth waiting as she went 4th best bitch in tough competion, beaten by some of her mother's kennel mates from Adamant's. She took the reserve bitch CC as well.

The brightest star from our team was the queen herself taking BOB and BIG-4 later on the day!

Here are the critiques from my girls by our judge Jessie Borregaard-Madsen:

Lulu - Glamorly Gasablanca:   

"Very nice overall picture. Feminine head and expression. Good lenght of neck, well developed in chest and body. Good bone and feet. Very well angulated in behind. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Moves nicely from sides, nice and parallel in movements."

Pamela - Int Nord Ch Adamant's Let 'Em Talk:

"Lovely bitch. Good size. Very feminine head, lovely expression. Good neck and shoulder, lovely topline. Very well angulated in front and rear. Nice mover, covers the ground well."  



Pamela BIG-4 at Lahti Int, photo Liina Sepp.


Waiting for our turn at the main ring, photo Liina Sepp.


Lulu and Pamela running at the best bitch challenge - thank you so much Liina for excellent handling!! photo Krista Illikainen.



2.4.2011 - Wellcome little Thelma!

We have an exciting new member at the Glam team as Trimere Totally Devine has joined us from the UK! Thank you so much Ann Corbett for trusting her into my hands!

She is by Crufts 2011 reserve dod CC winner Petranella Perfick Choice For Beresford out of Top Springer 2008 & 2009 in the UK Gb Sh Ch Trimere Tigra - please visit Thelma's own page under category young team for pedigree and further info.



Trimere Totally Devine at 3 months, photocopyright: Tarja Hovila


... And not to forget a new Champion Doris - Fi Ch Goldmoore's Make It Happen co-owned and living with Kennel Adamant's!



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